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  • how to set up AirPrint on hp printer

    AirPrint is a mobile printing solution app introduced by Apple to enable wireless printing options for iOS devices. You do not need to install any additional printer driver or software on your iOS device to access the AirPrint feature. Make sure that you are connected to your hp printer and your iOS device or iPhone to the same wireless network. You don’t have to use a wire or a cable to connect your printer to the computer. Please follow these steps to know how to set up AirPrint on hp printer, follow the steps given below.

    • If you wish to know to set up AirPrint on hp printer, ensure that your hp printer is compatible with the AirPrint feature.

    • Any Mac OS X 10.7 or newer version and iOS 4.2 or newer version is compatible with the Apple AirPrint feature by how to set up AirPrint printer.

    • Plug one end of the power cord to the hp printer’s rear and the other end directly to the wall outlet. Press the power button to switch on your printer.

    • Wait for the printer to complete the warm-up process and settle down. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer connecting the computer.

    • Tap on the Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel and connect your printer to the wireless network. Connect your Mac or iOS device to the same network.

    • Make sure that you don’t connect your printer, Mac OS device or iOS device to a different or guest network.

    • If your iOS device fails to detect the printer, switch on the Wireless Direct option on your printer. Open the wireless option on your iOS device and select your printer’s name.

    • If your Mac OS fails to detect the printer, open the System Preferences window. Click on Print & Scan option. Tap on the Plus sign and select your printer.

    • Under the Use section, select the AirPrint option. Click on the Add option to add the printer to the printer queue.

    • Open the document or photo that you wish to print and tap on the Printer icon to begin printing it.

    This is how to setup AirPrint on hp printer. Make sure that you update the printer firmware regularly to avoid print issues.
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