RuneScape has been doing more and more creature updates lately
  • That can be when to drink the initial"odd potion." Click here"open door" and the doorway will ask you the title of your master or need to find that the master's crest. Kill it quickly and enter. Next is a trapdoor that needs to see a present that the master provides only to his servents RS Gold. If you are not wearing it, nothing will happen, you will just be denied entrance.

    After moving through, you will be in a main chamber will other servents running about with trays and a man with a thieving skillcape on in the middle of the room. Speak to him and he will ask you why you took so long cleaning the doorstep. Simply reply"dust storms" and he'll pass off you and let you visit the loft and bring down his lockpicks. Proceed to the attic and deliver the lockpicks that were lying on the table down.

    Then, he'll tell you to bring him a beer. Go to the cellar and use this beerglass on the table to the keg and you'll get glass of beer. Finally, drink your final potion. He'll then tell you to check on the offenders and you will go into the pantry. Transfer the"Length of Fish" and you will see a trap door. Return and you will see"hefty door," and it is"small hole."

    You can use woodcutting to cut the door, but you cannot be wielding anything because your character must"hide" the door remains. Once your character has the"Heavy Remains" take them back upstairs and hide them from your crate of chickens. However, If you've got 50 agility, it is possible to simply use your rope on the"small hole" and you'll appear in a ventilation shaft. Crawl through until you see"venting hole" Enter this hole and you will be next to the cage in which the Guards out of Al Kharid are.

    Take the Level 61 Kharid Warriors and take them up the crate and throught the pantry. Then, you will have to fight your way through servents till you reach the master and kill him Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. He will fall"master's ring" and"torn burglar mask" Bring them back to Osman as evidence of success along with the preserved guards.
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