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    imageTray Nembhard : Good read looking forward to the next installment

    imageChary Gallardo : I love this movie! I have watched it 5 times in less than one week. As a big fan of The Four Seasons in the 1960s, I love the music! My husband and I saw the Broadway play in 2008. As a stage play, everything moved at a fast pace to allow time for set changes. The storylines involving the mob got lost somewhat, although the music was fabulous. The movie explains the story behind the evolvement of these outstanding performers. I'll be singing their songs for days now.

    imageVaj Xman : Fits perfectly. I bought this to repair an old washer. When all others had given up on it and were about to go spend hundreds of dollars on a new set, this part and a few hours solved the problem.

    imageOmar Mourad : Great Fun....even if you are not from N.J. Most of us have some Jersey in us

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