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    imageZahar Abdel Ilah
      King is back! Hope to get that 3rd ring next year.

    imageDona Elders
      The color is lovely. this was a gift for my sister who had her little guy a bit early. They fit her graco pack n play just fine. They were soft to the touch out of the packaging and didn't shrink up much in the wash. Still fit perfectly and have lovely color after their first wash.
    I paid retail for this and this is my honest opinion.

    imageValdemar Thjellesen
      Jersey Boys
    I watched this online and really liked it so I purchased it so I could enjoy it more on a bigger screen. So glad I did! I've watched it 2 more times!

    imageFatma Jebaarii
      they fit my husband perfectly.....perfect warmer weather sweats........

    imageAmal Chelbi
      Works like a charm. Wish they were a bit smaller because I don't think youth goes to age 12 but it worked for what we needed. Just need to buy some clips to make them smaller.

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