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Visa-Free Ferry Connections

The perfect getaway is here. For the very first time you
can enjoy a visa-free ferry connection between the
Russian Federation and Finland.

Welcome Aboard the Princess Anastasia Ferry Boat!

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Ferry From St. Petersburg To Helsinki

Travelling around the world gives us the opportunity to broaden our horizons, explore new places and meet cultures that differ greatly from the native ones. Nowadays there appeared the whole system of comfortable travelling to different parts of the world. Kinds of vehicles also differ greatly - from a car to a big ferry which will impress you with its sizes. People do everything possible to make the life easier - they simplify even the system of a rest. There were times when people had to pay a large sum of money and have a list of special documents in order to cross the Gulf of Finland and visit Helsinki or St. Petersburg. Now there appeared such a possibility to buy a ticket on a St. Petersburg ferry and get to the destination in 13 hours. The trip itself won't be tiring because of the services that are introduced on the board of a Ferry from St. Petersburg to Helsinki. Either it is a business trip or just a travelling tour to St. Petersburg or Helsinki - you may be sure that you will be delivered to the destination with comfort. Ferry St. Petersburg - Helsinki sails from the port in St. Petersburg, crossing the Gulf of Finland and delivers you straight to the place you need.

The main advantage of this Helsinki ferry is that you travel visa free. It is very comfortable and useful, because by now people don't have to waste time and money. Another advantage of such a trip is that when you get a trip for three days and more and travel with a Helsinki - St. Petersburg ferry - you get a discount. There are so many advantages of such a trip - you enjoy the fresh air and clean waters of the Gulf while sailing, the list of various services is at your disposal. Moreover, Ferry St. Petersburg - Helsinki is a good chance to save money.

The ferry stays in Helsinki for several hours and then sails back. That means that people who live in Finland will also have an opportunity to go on a trip and see one of the most impressive cities of the Russian Federation - St. Petersburg. This route was opened in order to make an additional link between the two countries. Helsinki to St. Petersburg ferry transports people in two directions and sails to the Helsinki port every two days.

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