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The perfect getaway is here. For the very first time you can enjoy a visa-free ferry connection between the Russian Federation and Finland. The Princess Maria ferry offers the ultimate hassle-free option for a short trip from Helsinki to St. Petersburg.

No more worries about catching the next train or bus. No long lines for inconvenient mid-trip customs inspections. And most importantly, you can enjoy the treasures and pleasures of Russia's northern capital without having to apply and pay for a Russian visa. As of April, 2010 visa-free privileges of cruise passengers have been extended to ferry passengers from all over the world.

To check the rates please select destination, then select the date and click BEST RATES.

Helsinki - 3 Days stay in St.Petersburg – Helsinki
Helsinki - 3 Days stay in St.Petersburg – Tallinn
Helsinki - 3 Days stay in St.Petersburg – Tallinn via Helsinki

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