City Breaks in St. Petersburg & Moscow

Got on a plane or train, destination: Russia? Feel the need for a personalized vacation that can last up to 8 days? Nothing will suit you better than our private tours: a fully customizable experience deep in the heart of St. Petersburg.Starting with assistance right from the airport and continuing with a welcome drink at the hotel, you will benefit from a wonderful travel experience provided by professionals in the field!

Choose from the 3 available packages or build your own tour if you feel like living something truly unique. Whether you opt for "Reflections of Russia", "Cradle of the Revolution" or "Stolista", you will have access to an amazing vacation at decent prices and impressive conditions.All choices will provide you with nights at 4-star hotels, entry fees included, guided tours and relevant transportation. No matter the option, this vacation promises to be one of the best ones yet!

Reflections of Russia

Combining history and some leisure time could result in a fruitful vacation were you learn, enjoy and relax: everything combined in one tour that is looking to show you some of the most important palaces, cathedrals and other landmarks in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Cradle of the Revolution

4 amazing days wait in the heart of St. Petersburg as you visit beautiful places that really put this city on the map. Explore the European-Russian city in this tour that includes a visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress and even a trip to a genuine Russian food market.


Moscow now lies at your feet as you decide to take this 4 day trip in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Remember those nuclear bunkers that you only saw in movies? Now is your chance to go down under and visit one for yourself!

Build your tour

They say there is no better vacation that the one you plan yourself from scratch. See if this is true and customize your trip to Russia to include just what is more suitable to your desires!