About Russian visa

According to Russian Federation Immigration Regulations No. 532 of 28th of August, 2003 and No. 397 of May 2009, cruise and ferry passengers of all Nationalities are allowed to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation without a visa for up to 72 hours provided their tours are booked through a licensed company authorized by the city government. Tour De Force is one of a few licensed companies in Russia, which has been providing visa-free services since 2003.

To let you pass the passport control we will supply you with a free of charge Tour Ticket (which is called Blanket Visa or Booking Confirmation). Each passenger must carry their passport, Tour Ticket and migration card given onboard, at all times when going ashore and returning to the ship.

Remember that visa-free passengers are required to depart and return to the port with the tour. If you would like to combine tours organized by Tour De Force and independent sightseeing you will need a Russian Visa that must be obtained before you leave. We will provide you with the necessary visa support papers (Invitation and Tour Voucher) for obtaining your Russian visa, at the Russian Consulate in your home country. You will find the forms to print and fill them out on our website as you complete the booking procedure online. Contact the nearest Russian Consulate for further details. Please note: additional visa charge is to be collected by the Russian Consulate. It may vary from 60 to 200 USD per person depending on the country of citizenship.

Special Notes:

Many cruise ships intentionally confuse their passengers regarding the visa rules. They state that passengers not signed up for cruise lines shore excursions need to obtain a Russian Visa. They do this in order to charge tourists for more services. Once again, Tour de Force has been providing visa-free quality shore excursions since 2003, being one of the few licensed companies in Russia to do so. Pay less and get more with Tour De Force!