Photography Tour – A two-day of exploration of St. Petersburg at an unbeatable price - $190

Join a small group of passionate photographers to capture the magic of Peter's city

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During your short visit to St. Petersburg you'll have the chance to photograph as many landmarks of the city as possible - from the window of a coach, while walking around the city, from the water during a relaxing boat trip and while exploring the Hermitage Museum.

The tour provides a unique opportunity to learn the history of this amazing city narrated by an English-speaking expert guide and take pictures of the many stunning views, along with hidden gems and landmarks that only a local would know.This tour is suitable for all levels of photographic experience.

Please note, this tour is subject to a minimum of 10 participants and available only for the following dates and ships:

Dates in St. Petersburg


May 26 – 27, 2010

Star Princess

June 3 – 4, 2010

Celebrity Constellation, Ocean Countess, Eurodam, Costa Magica, Albatros, Empress

June 16 – 17, 2010

Clipper Adventurer, Delphin Voyager, Amadea 

June 30 – July 01, 2010

Disney Magic, Jewel of the Seas

July 7 – 8, 2010

Le Boreal, Seven Seas Voyager, AIDA blu

July 15 – 16, 2010

Star Princess, Island Sky, Empress, Queen Victoria

August 18 – 19, 2010

Costa Magica, Crystal Symphony, Prinsendam, Alexander von Humboldt


Day 1  6

Experience the city's highlights on a pleasant guided drive around St. Petersburg. Your route takes you along Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg's most famous street, lined with magnificent palaces, churches and 18th- and 19th-century buildings. Travel through the vast Palace Square, the University Embankment, the Admiralty, the famous Peter the Great bronze monument, the Peter and Paul Fortress and much more.

Pay your respects to the Bronze Photographer – the statue of Karl Bulla, the most celebrated photographer at the turn of the last century, whose pictures provide magnificent views of the squares and avenues and feature the most fascinating architecture and sculptures of St. Petersburg. He stands beneath an umbrella that keeps St. Petersburg’s drizzle not off himself, but off his priceless equipment.

Take a relaxing boat trip and see the city from the water along the Fontanka, the Moyka, the Winter Canal and a loop on the Neva River.

Main sites along the way include Anichkov Bridge, Engineer’s Castle, Summer Gardens, the Salt District, Field of Mars, Church on Spilt Blood, General Staff Building and finally, when you get to the Neva, St. Peter and Paul’s fortress, Trinity Bridge, the Winter Palace, the Kunstkamera, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Bronze Horseman, Academy of Fine Arts and the University of St. Petersburg.

Day 2 5

No visit to St. Petersburg would be complete without seeing the Hermitage (the Winter Palace). With the possible exception of the Louvre, there is no museum in the world that rivals the Hermitage in size and quality. Its collection is so large that it would take years to view it in its entirety. The collection is displayed in 4 buildings built in the 18th-19th centuries, the home of the Russian Tsars.

Your guide will focus your attention on the highlights of its collection. The museum is especially strong in Italian Renaissance and French Impressionist paintings, as well as possessing outstanding collections of works by Rembrandt, Picasso, and Matisse.

The splendor of the museum is epitomized by the grandeur of numerous reception halls, such as the Throne, Ball, Malachite and Gold Rooms.

Before you go back to the ship, we'll take a little extra time for more pictures of this splendid city to capture more of its beauty and treasure good memories of your visit.

Services included:

  •      Panoramic sightseeing tour with picture stops
  •      Scenic walk
  •      Boat trip along rivers and canals
  •      Tour of  the Hermitage Museum
  •      Expert English-speaking guide
  •      Comfortable vehicle
  •      Entry fee to the Hermitage plus photo permit
  •      Port taxes
  •      Non-visa arrangements

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