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Kremlin Petersburg Russia

Kremlin Petersburg Russia Kremlin Petersburg Russia Kremlin Petersburg Russia Kremlin Petersburg Russia

The Kremlin is Russia’s mighty political powerhouse and today the seat of the Russian President. During the guided walk through the grounds of the Kremlin you will see governmental buildings, gold-domed cathedrals and the Tsar’s bell – the largest bell that never rang! Within the 15th- century Kremlin fortress, you will visit the stunning Byzantine- style Assumption Cathedral - the oldest and the most important church in the Kremlin - where tsars were crowned, decrees were read and solemn events of state were celebrated.


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william bloom 12 Jul 2010

The artistry of the cathedrals inside the Kremlin is amazing beyond description. The architecture, the icons, the beautiful wood work is very impressive. You get a real sense of the age and history of Russia in the St. Petersburg and Moscow. The changes that have taken place since the collapse of communism also lead to some interesting anacronysms, like a statue of Lenin pointing to a Canon photography sign. The food to be found around the Kremlin was all first rate, with a wide price range (if you look around a bit). And the Russian beer of 2010 is much improved over the Soviet beer of 1975!

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