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Walking city tour Petersburg Russia

Walking city tour Petersburg Russia Walking city tour Petersburg Russia Walking city tour Petersburg Russia

Take in the jewels of Russia's capital on a fully-guided walking tour. Stroll through the legendary Red Square – the site of many marches and celebrations during Communist times, the Kitay-Gorod Square and Lubyanka Square – the headquarters of the KGB, and the magnificent St. Basil's Cathedral - one of the great symbols of Russia. You'll also take a ride on the underground and see the Moscow Metro stations that were built during Stalin's rule as "palaces for the people." If the mausoleum is open during your visit, you can pay your respects to Lenin.


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william bloom 12 Jul 2010

I had been in the old USSR as a student in 1975. It was amazing to see how Russia has changed since then. On this tour (reflections of Russia), we spent time in both Moscow and St Petersburg, and added some time on to our tour as well. The walking tour was very enjoyable. Seeing the Kremlin and Red Square was amazing. I can't get over the transformation which Russia has undergone. If you would have told me in 1975 that one day, you would be able to sip coffee (or tea, or wine) in an out-door cafe' directly across from the Kremlin, or pose for a picture with a Lenin, a Czar Nicholas, a Brezhnev, or even a Vladimir Putin look-alike, I would have said "no way". There is a lot of touristy junk in many of the markets around the square, but if you look carefully, there are also Russian artisans selling excellent product. The national bank teller machine not far from Red Square worked fine, and will not eat your debit card!

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