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Hermitage with the Treasure Gallery (Gold Room) Petersburg Russia

Today you will visit the Hermitage (the Winter Palace) and the Treasure Gallery (Gold Room). With the possible exception of the Louvre, there is no museum in the world that rivals the Hermitage in size and quality. Its collection is so large that it would take years to view it in its entirety. The collection is displayed in 4 buildings built in the 18th-19th centuries, the home of the Russian Tsars.

Your guide will focus your attention on the highlights of its collection. The museum is especially strong in Italian Renaissance and French Impressionist paintings, as well as possessing outstanding collections of works by Rembrandt, Picasso, and Matisse.

The splendor of the museum is epitomized by the grandeur of numerous reception halls, such as the Throne, Ball, Malachite and Gold Rooms.

Gold Room collection features archeological finds, including the Siberian collection of Peter the Great, fabulous Scythian Gold of the 7th-4th centuries B.C., diplomatic gifts and personal belongings of the imperial family.

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Daniela Trevor 27 Jul 2009

We had extra time on the third day and took a private tour to see the Gold Room. we felt it was worth it. It was amazing to see gold items created in early BC in excellent condition.

Harold Baker 02 Aug 2009

The Gold Room was very interesting to me, the workmanship is amazing, but the special guides there do not speak English and your guide will translate. Harry&Lucie, June 2008

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