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Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral Petersburg Russia

The tour includes a visit to Peter and Paul Cathedral, the splendid 18th century ecclesiastical edifice which is still the city tallest building (the height of the spire is 122.5 meters).

In 1703, Peter the Great decided to build a fortress to protect the area from possible attack by the Swedish army and navy. The day when the fortress was founded on a small island in the Neva delta is considered to be the birthday of the city of Petersburg.

The Swedes were defeated before the fortress was even completed. Onwards the fortress housed part of the city's garrison and served as a high security political jail.


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William Thompson 27 Jul 2009

The tour was terribly interesting! We visited Peter and Paul fortress and cathedral, where we got to visit the memorial graves of all the Romanovs and enjoy an acapella

william bloom 12 Jul 2010

I found the visit Peter Paul fortress to be extremely interesting. Peter and many of the czars are interred there (Catherine as well). The remains of the last Romanov dynasty were also interred very tastefull in a room to themselves. All of St Petersburg has a 1700's architectural feel. It is a great city to wander around in and explore. Not on the tour but worth a visit is a massive bookstore downtown (Domknigi) house of books. If you have a bit of grasp of Russian it is a great place to brouse and to have a cup of tea.

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