Top attractions

Choral Synagogue

This spectacular structure is the second largest in Europe and one of the most ornate synagogues in the world.

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City Tour with the Synagogue

Experience the city's highlights on a pleasant guided drive around St. Petersburg. View the sights that made St. Petersburg famous the world over.

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Ethnography Museum – Jewish Culture

The Jewish exposition of the Ethnography museum introduces its visitors to the Jewish (Ashkenazi) collection which illustrates the Eastern European Jewish culture.

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Family Visit

Today you have an exclusive chance to see with your own eyes life of a Russian Jewish family from inside. Your guide – interpreter will take you on a visit to one of the hospitable families of St. Petersburg, active members of the Jewish community.


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Jewish Centre

This large contemporary Jewish centre is a recent addition to the city.

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Jewish Heritage

Today what sets Tour de Force apart from all other tour companies conducted Jewish tours is that our tours are not just standard city tours inclusive of a visit to the Synagogue but they cover a history of the Jewish community from its foundation to our days. Besides they are conducted by guides connected to the Jewish community and experts to the city and all aspects of Jewish St. Petersburg. Book this tour and find out as much as possible about the St. Petersburg cultural capital and for its around 80 000 Jews, culture is almost a religion.


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The Choral Synagogue & Jewish Centre

This tour combines a visit to the Choral Synagogue and Jewish Centre.

Choral Synagogue is the second largest in Europe and one of the most ornate synagogues in the world. Jewish centre existence would have been impossible in Communist times. Today, the Yesod is focused on reviving Jewish traditions and culture along with providing social and financial support to the Jewish community.

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