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Peterhof Park Petersburg Russia

Travel to the former summer Imperial residence. Set in magnificent gardens, Peterhof is reminiscent of Versailles. It was almost completely destroyed by the Nazis in World War II but has been restored to its full splendor. The gardens are dotted with countless fountains, charming pavilions and summer houses.

Particularly impressive is the fact that the landscapers and garden designers who worked on the estate managed to overcome the unfavorable weather conditions of the Northern climate to create a lovely land of flowers and greenery.

The fountains of Peterhof are one of the most famous tourist attractions.The diversity of fountains in the park is surprising. From monumental ensembles like the Samson Cascade to the ever popular Joke Fountains, including one which sprays anyone who steps on a particular paving stone.


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David Breet 13 Jul 2009

We loved Peterhof, its fountains are not to be missed. We took the hydrofoil back to town and that saved us a lot of time. David and Rebecca, June 2009

William Thompson 27 Jul 2009

Peterhof is a definite must. We really enjoyed to tour, especially our time in the gardens. William&Mary, July 2009

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