Top attractions

Boat trip

Take a relaxing  boat trip. View the city from the water side.

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Food Market and Russian Borshch

Experience the Kuznetsky food market where locals sell spare vegetables and fruit from their dacha (country house) plots as well as imported melons, oranges, bananas.

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Hydrofoil trip

The hydrofoil is the most pleasant way is to get to or back from Peterhof, the beautiful former imperial residence.

A trip by hydrofoil can be booked only together with a tour of Peterhof Park or Peterhof Park and one of the Palaces.

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Local Experience

Experience activities that are authentic to the local culture. Taste a few brands of Russian Vodka at the Vodka Museum, and then browse a colorful Food Market.

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Metro tour

Take a Metro (Underground) ride. The stations are worth seeing for the art work decoration. Many are adorned with crystal chandeliers, marble vestibules and beautiful frescoes.

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Russia in Miniature

To travel through all Russia - the largest country in the world is pretty hard... But with the Grand Russia Mock Up (known as Grand Maket) it makes it possible to have slight look at the every part of the country!
This is an enormous display of life in Russia, all in miniatures. If you have kids, we definitely recommend bringing them here, but it is truly an amazing exhibition for all ages.

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Come with us on an exciting shopping tour. Relax while we drive you from one shopping area to another. Our tours are escorted by our friendly guides fluently speaking English.

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Vodka Museum

The tour around the Vodka museum gives a fascinating insight into the Russian history, culture and drinking traditions. Many nations claim to be the birthplace of the Vodka. Find out about the origin of this popular spirit.

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