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 Hydrofoil trip (complimentary) Petersburg Russia

 Hydrofoil trip (complimentary) Petersburg Russia  Hydrofoil trip (complimentary) Petersburg Russia

Please be advised that complimentary trip by hydrofoil is provided under the following conditions:


  • Weather permits
  • You have booked a tour inclusive of a visit to Peterhof


Travel by hydrofoil from St. Petersburg to Peterhof. This is the fastest and the most enjoyable way of travelling between these destinations. Hydrofoil is a safe and fast boat which rises above the surface of the water. Your trip starts from the city centre and takes 30 minutes. While duration of such a trip by land would take more than 1 hour. You may cruise from the Neva River to the Gulf of Finland and vice versa.

The package is inclusive of:

  • One-way trip



Number of people
in a party
Price per person
2 on request
4 on request
8 on request
10 on request
15 on request
20 on request
30 on request

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