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Boat trip Petersburg Russia

Take a relaxing boat trip. View the city form the water side.

A boat tends to go along the Fontanka, the Moyka, the Winter Canal and a loop on the Neva river.

Main sites along the way include Anichkov Bridge, Engineer's Castle, Summer Gardens, the Salt District, Field of Mars, Church on Spilt Blood, General Staff Building and finally, when you get to the main river, St. Peter and Paul's fortress, Trinity Bridge, the Winter Palace, the Kunstkamera, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Bronze Horseman, Academy of Fine Arts and the University of St. Petersburg.


Number of people
in a party
Price per person
2 $58
4 $38
8 $25
10 $22
15 $19
20 $16
30 $12

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Linda Brown 27 Jul 2009

We did the canal cruise and loved it!

Harold Baker 02 Aug 2009

We did the canal ride on the first day and went to the Cossack show that evening. My expectations as a first-timer to St. Petersburg were certainly met! Thank you. Harry&Lucie, June, 2008

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