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Shopping Petersburg Russia

Come with us on an exciting shopping tour. Relax while we drive you from one shopping area to another. Our tours are escorted by our friendly guides, all fluent in English. We'll visit:

1. A souvenir store offering traditional Russian crafts: Matryoshka dolls, laquer boxes, woolen shawls and more. 
2. A porcelain store featuring beautiful collectibles produced at the famous imperial porcelain factory. 
3. A supermarket filled with fantastic foods including Russian caviar and delicious chocolate.



Number of people
in a party
Price per person
2 $45
4 $26
8 $16
10 $14
15 $13
20 $12
30 $10

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Linda Brown 28 Jul 2009

Do miss shopping opportunity on your tour days. We bought chocolate in every country we visited and Russian chocolate was quite ok!

Fernando Mora 31 Jul 2009

Our guide suggested us 3 shopping stops. I loved fabrege style eggs in the first shop. The supermarket was fantastic; we bought small jars of local caviar.

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