Create your own itinerary based on your preferences and explore St. Petersburg in the comfort of your own guide, vehicle and at your own pace.

All tours include a pier pick up at 9.00 am. Our representative with a sign “Tour De Force” will meet you past the passport control area.

  1. Click on tabs in "Sightseeing Catalogue" to view tours
  2. Drag the tour of your choice down to the appropriate date
  3. You can rearrange tours within one, two or three days by dragging them to a new spot.
  4. You may delete a tour from your itinerary by clicking on the red X() in the upper right corner of a tour image
  5. Note that each day is limited to 3 tours or 8 hours in length.
  6. For lunch you may select your preference of meals and incorporate it into your schedule
  7. To get the total cost enter the number of people in your party

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