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Family Visit Petersburg Russia

Family Visit Petersburg Russia Family Visit Petersburg Russia

Since Perestroika, the Jewish community in Russia has been experiencing a big revival.  As a result, a growing number of Jewish cultural and religious institutions, schools, kindergartens and kosher restaurants have been opened. This all contributes to the preservation of Jewish traditions and culture. Today you have an exclusive chance to see with your own eyes life of a Russian Jewish family from inside. Your guide – interpreter will take you on a visit to one of the hospitable families of St. Petersburg, active members of the Jewish community.  We wish Jews coming to Russia feel as at home. You will sit around the table together with a local family, have a cup of tea with sweets and cookies, talk and look at family albums and find out how was life of Jews in Soviet Russia and at present days.  Ask questions and engage your companions, tell the family back home about the life of the Jewish community in your country.



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