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Local Experience Petersburg Russia

Local Experience Petersburg Russia Local Experience Petersburg Russia Local Experience Petersburg Russia

Experience activities that are authentic to the local culture. Taste a few brands of Russian Vodka at the Vodka Museum, and then browse a colorful Food Market.

The tour around the Vodka Museum gives a fascinating insight into the Russian history, culture and drinking traditions. Many nations claim to be the birthplace of the Vodka. Find out about the origin of this popular spirit. The museum is proud of its collection comprising more than 500 exhibits:  ancient vodka recipes, pre and post revolution posters, unique bottles, hundreds of Russian popular Vodka brands.

For most people, vodka is not much more than an ingredient for the Bloody Mary, the Screwdriver, or the Cosmopolitan.  You are invited for a Vodka tasting party. Sip straight a few top quality brands and realize that if you drink the right kind of vodka and in a proper way it can be an amazing experience.

Experience the Food Market where locals sell spare vegetables and fruit from their dacha (country house) plots as well as imported melons, oranges, bananas. You will find there dried fruit, cheeses, nuts, honey, meat and other foods. Take your own shopping bag. Markets are colorful places to visit even if you do not need to buy. You can usually bargain a bit over prices.


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2 $56
4 $38
8 $28
10 $26
15 $25
20 $23
30 $21

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