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Night Train 4-Berth cabin (SPB-MOS) + 2 Transfers Petersburg Russia

Save your money on hotel accommodation and travel by night train between Moscow and St. Petersburg in both directions. One of the great pleasures of rail travel is the way a train gets you to the city. We utilize a private MEGAPOLIS CAR that provides excellent service and comfort that meets International standards. You may book 2 or 4 berth cabins.

Train departs at 00.00 and arrives at 8.30 next morning.

Duration: 8,5 hours

The package is inclusive of:

  • Pick up and drop off transfers (2)
  • Overnight train ticket - 4-berth cabin


Number of people
in a party
Price per person
2 $113
4 $93
8 $78
10 $74
15 $73
20 $69
30 $65

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